Holland, Michigan

91 Douglas Avenue #140, Holland MI 49424 Telephone: (616) 396-1800

Welcome to Fitzone for Women of Holland, Michigan.

Fitzone for Women of Holland is a ladies only fitness center located within Family Fitness Center at 3030 Charlevoix Drive, Cascade, Michigan.

We offer cardiovascular machines, selectorized circuit training equipment, group fitness classes, personal training programs, tanning, locker rooms, and much more.

Simply enter through the main entrance to check-in and then access the Fitzone for Women ladies only workout facility where you can exercise discretely.

Group Exercise and Aerobic Class Schedule

Last Update: November 10, 2014

08:40am Total Cycle Conditioning Sue
08:45am TNT Dina
12:15pm Pump & Flex Tammy
05:45pm Full Throttle Lucy
08:30am Cardio Blast Tammy
09:40am Yogilates Tammy
10:50am SilverSneakers® Tammy
06:00pm Zumba® Jamie
08:40am Full Throttle Sue
12:15pm Pump & Flex Tammy
05:45pm Pump & Step Tammy
08:30am Dynamic Infusion Tammy
09:40am Yogilates Tammy
10:50am SilverSneakers® Tammy
06:00pm Zumba® Jamie
08:40am Full Throttle Sue
12:15pm Pump & Flex Tammy
07:15am Pump & Flex Tammy
08:30am Cardio Blast Lucy
09:40am Yogilates Tammy
10:50am SilverSneakers® Tammy


Cycling Revolution – consists of carrying speeds, resistance levels and intensities targeted at raising your heart rate while taking you through a variety of sprints and hills.

Total Cycle Conditioning – utilizing indoor cycling bikes and various styles of cardiovascular and strength training, the TCC class will demonstrate and highlight information on creating a sound, safe and effective experience. The technicality of this class is basic enough for those new to fitness but still meets the needs of the advanced participant. This class will assist you in achieving the results you’re seeking. Give it a try, we promise you won’t regret it.

TNT – tone and tighten! An overall body sculpting class.

Full Throttle – combines a group exercise feel but utilizes sports performance techniques to provide a full body training experience. No dance experience required just the willingness to SWEAT.

Cardio Blast – blast your cardio fitness levels through the roof with a full class of the best type of cardio training the instructor feels like throwing at you! Some days you may do kickboxing, some days step, some days high/low impact, some days sports conditioning- but the bottom line is, you will challenge your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds every time. Come prepared to sweat, breath hard and get super fit!

Pump & Flex – a weighted workout set to the rhythm of the music. This class improves overall strength and endurance.

Dynamic Infusion – if you are somebody that likes variety, then you will love the spontaneity of this class, fusing intensities and a variety of different cardio techniques.

Pump & Step – an awesome cardio workout using an aerobic step and weights. You’ll love it!

Yogilates – flexibility and breathe training of Hatha Yoga with the power and centering techniques of Pilates. This class builds strength and flexibility to streamline your physique. A complete workout that fuses two techniques into one.

Groove – The GROOVE is a dance movement class that utilizes the Technology of AUTHENTICITY, to foster self awareness, authentic movement, creativity and unique self expression for the cultivation of vibrant holistic health for the body, mind, heart and soul. In a group setting it cultivates UNITY, acceptance of others, community, creative human interaction, and social skills. In a GROOVE class participants connect with the group dynamic by unifying in a common movement of rhythm to ridiculously amazing music, then through a trained facilitator, they are given permission to be completely authentic, creative, fully expressed and allowed to dance it their own way..THE PERFECT way. The result is a truly authentic delicious dance experience!

Zumba® – We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check.