American Bodyworks has top-of-the-line equipment.

We have the best equipment available in your area! Once you see it in person you will know this is the gym for you. Your first visit is always free so come try it all out!

"Our goal is to provide each and every American Bodyworks location with the best fitness equipment possible, to provide our members with the best workout experience possible."

Every American Bodyworks has great cardio equipment and each piece has its own LCD TV! All are easy to operate and will make enjoy your workouts. These cardio pieces include and are not limited to ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills. Some locations have more so make sure to check out an ABW near you!

There is also a large selection of selectorized pieces at American Bodyworks. These are the machines that have weight stacks. Each machine has an illustration on the proper way to use it. Many centers have multiple lines of selectorized pieces which will allow you to change up you workouts and reach your goals that much faster!

Often, many neighborhood key clubs overlook free weights. We have been very careful not to follow this trend. Each club has many plate-loaded pieces and free weights. We have everything from flat benches to squat racks to leg presses. You will find everything you need at American Bodyworks.