Franchise Information

American Bodyworks is setting the standard in 24-7 fitness.

Most health clubs today want you to fit into their schedules, American Bodyworks wants to fit into yours. You are our top priority. We understand that you need a health club with flexible hours in order to fulfill your fitness needs and have a healthy lifestyle. We want to help you meet your goals, and that is why we provide our customers the best equipment and services available to their neighborhood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Everyone will feel welcome and comfortable with us.

From beginner to athlete, all can workout in a non-intimidating environment with the best equipment available. What does that mean? Normal people, like you and me work out here. All of our clubs have a community feel and everyone will know your name. You will not find the traditional, high pressure sales of health clubs. You will find a customer friendly staff whose job is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. You will look forward to going to ABW. We are setting the standard in 24-7 fitness.

What is a typical American Bodyworks facility?

American Bodyworks is the premier 24/7 neighborhood club.

A neighborhood club a fitness center that is anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 square feet and can be found in any strip mall in any neighborhood! The best part is that members can use these clubs at anytime they want because they are key access clubs. A Key club is a fitness center where each member has a key card giving them access to the club 24 hours a day … 7 days a week!

Our facilities have a great modern look.

Mirrors surround the walls with diamond plate metal beneath them. Strips of blue and red neon line the upper portion of the wall accenting your walls. LCD screen televisions are strategically placed through out the facility allowing your customers to be entertained in between sets. From your front desk, you can keep an eye on your whole club. We hold a standard that all franchisees must keep their clubs spotless. Shower closets help members feel comfortable at all hours. American Bodyworks is made for the member.

How does American Bodyworks stay open 24 hours?

American Bodyworks fitness centers are key access clubs.

During the day our clubs are staffed and the doors are open to all wanting to use or join the club. After hours though, only members are allowed to enter the gym with the use of their membership card. This card is swiped at the door to allow members to unlock the door. Our card reading system runs though the gym’s computer and will only allow up to date members to use the gym. What that means is that members who are behind on their dues payments or ones that are expired will not be able to use the gym.

All clubs have 24 hour surveillance.

You can monitor you gym at anytime from home with our system. From your home computer you can see in real time who is working out and what they are doing in there. All the cameras record every visible inch of your gym allowing you to go back and check them for any reason you need to.

What type of equipment do our clubs have?

We have everything a large club offers in smaller package that can be in your neighborhood.

Every American Bodyworks has great cardio equipment and each piece has its own LCD TV! All are easy to operate and will make you enjoy your workouts. These cardio pieces include and are not limited to ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills.

There is also a large selection of selectorized pieces at American Bodyworks. These are the machines that have weight stacks. Each machine has an illustration on the proper way to use it. Many centers have multiple lines of selectorized pieces which will allow you to change up you workouts and reach your goals that much faster!

This is where most key clubs end. There may be a few free weights but not near enough. We have been very careful not to follow this trend. Each club has many plate-loaded pieces and free weights. We have everything from flat benches to squat racks to leg presses. You will find everything you need at American Bodyworks!

How do I finance my American Bodyworks?

We will help you finance your fitness center.

Starting your own health club is a big investment! If you have never done it before, it can be very overwhelming. That is why we are there to help. Basically you have two options in financing your fitness center. You may either lease or get an SBA. Both are great options but one may suit you better than the other. We handle each situation differently and will discuss with you to find your best option. Ultimately it is your decision though. We will way the pros and cons with you and you will feel comfortable with the choice you have made.

How do I find a location?

We will help you find a good location for your club.

It is all about location, location, location. American Bodyworks has many guidelines for helping you to find a good location. We assist you through calculating the passing traffic, area numbers that you will draw from, and lease negotiations. Many franchises leave this all up to you but not at American Bodyworks. We want each of our franchises to be successful and will do whatever is possible to help this happen.

Once you pick an area … it is yours.

American Bodyworks is not going to let its franchisees compete with one another. Once you have choosen your area, we will not allow another franchise to draw from your territory. We are all on the same team and want all to be successful!

Where and how do I purchase my equipment?

American Bodyworks helps you purchase your equipment!

Many franchises leave it all up to you when figuring out where and how to get your equipment, but we do not. We have great packages with StarTrac and Life Fitness. With them we are able to get their lines at greatly discounted prices. You have the choice in which provider you want for your club. Both fit our high standards and your members will love them. We have everything covered from treadmills all the way down to cable attachments. We have direct contact with our equipment vendors and your equipment will be ready to go from day one!

When can I start selling memberships?

American Bodyworks helps you build out your club.

Being a part of a franchise, all the guess work is taken out when making your club functional and successful. American Bodyworks works has a proven look and functionality which will make your facility top-of-the-line. We will assist you with the layout of your facility, install your computers and security system, give you signage designs, and give suggestions on any area you need help in. We have most likely worked with vendors in your area and can point you in the right direction with them as well. We also have a timeline for it all allowing you to know when your club will be finished and able to open its doors.

When can I start selling memberships?

American Bodyworks wants you making money from day one.

Another special aspect of American Bodyworks is presales. Before your doors open we plan on you being well on your way in your financial situation. We will assist you in selling memberships before your gym is operational. This will relieve much stress before the first bills start coming in. We have many promotional items that will allow people to see what your facility will look like and have well before build out is finished. Instead of just selling an idea, you will have images and successes of other franchises to use. By selling memberships before you open, you get a head start on running a successful club.

How do I learn how to run my club?

Before you open, you will run the ABW school.

This is a very unique offer in the fitness industry. Under our model, anyone who has no experience in the fitness industry at all can learn how to run a health club. We teach you how to sell memberships, enter in contracts, reconcile your money, pick employees and trainers, and any other club operation necessary. Every new club can send one person to this week long seminar for no extra charge. After this training, you will feel confident when your doors open.

We also offer help after you open

American Bodyworks offers temporary and full time workers that have been in the industry and know how we operate. This ranges from sales people to back end workers. These workers can work temporarily to boost productivity and further your training; or provide a needed service for an extended period of time!

What services do I get once I open?


Through a small monthly fee you are a part of a national ad campaign. Our website is well maintained and up to date. We also have in house designers for any of your graphics needs that will make all of your promotional items professional looking and effective.


As a franchisee we handle that for you. We run your credit card and checking drafts. We also provide a service for a small fee that will handle all your back-end work for a monthly fee. This is perfect for non-owner operators.

24 hour tech support.

Your computer system is vital to the operation of your club whether it is the draft or key card system. Problems sometimes arise and it is comforting to know someone is there to fix them at anytime.

How do I get started?

We will help you get your own ABW off the ground and running. We provide an easy and affordable start-up program. ABW will assist you through helping scout out a location, ordering equipment, your build out, teaching you the necessary information at the ABW school, helping with presales, and hiring. We want to provide the nation with affordable, quality fitness 24-7 and would be happy to have you as a part of the team. Join the franchise that is setting the new standard for the fitness industry … join American Bodyworks today!